Current price list 2021
Currently, orders are only accepted for piccolo flutes because the workshop is currently working with reduced capacity (number of personnel).We have no instruments in stock which could be bought immediately.

Wooden flute:
Headjoint with carved embouchure and inset gold chimney/riser, thin-walled body, in three or two sections (all-in-one body, only to c') ,of African blackwood / grenadilla
  • 925 sterling silver mechanism with french pointed arms
  • open or closed holes
  • inline or offset G
The price of each instrument includes a high-quality velvet-lined black leather case with a black case cover, a wooden cleaning rod and cloth.
Euro  EU
Wooden flute with C-foot in three or two sections
EUR/€ 10,420
€ 12,400
Wooden flute with B-foot in three sections
Options: split E mechanism offset 
               split E mechanism inline
Separate: wooden headjoints (only for Braun wooden flute)
               with carved embouchure, all in wood
               with carved embouchure and inset gold chimney/riser
Separate B-foot
No production and order acceptance until further notice. When the production and order acceptance starts again it will be announced one year in advance.

Piccolo & Small flute: African blackwood/grenadilla head and body:
  • headjoint with "A.Braun" modified-wave embouchure which is smooth where the lips touch
  • 925 sterling silver mechanism and fitting
  • fitted with "A. Braun" silicon piccolo pads
The price of each instrument includes a high-quality velvet-lined black leather case with a padded leather cover, a cleaning rod made of 925 sterling silver and a silk cleaning cloth.
Euro  EU*
Piccolo with split E mechanism / conical piccolo only to the low d¹
 € 5.790
Piccolo with open G-sharp /custom-made product
Small flute with split E mechanism / conical piccolo down to low c¹
Small flute with open G-sharp/ custom-made product

Option:18K Gold Plated mechanism & rings
Separate/extra grenadilla headjoint (only for Braun piccolo)
Case cover: cowhide leather, inner lining for case 230 or 265x75x50 mm
* Prices for customers residing in EU countries: These prices include 19% sales tax.
** Prices for customers residing in non-EU/European Union countries: These are export prices and do not include sales tax. These export prices are only valid for delivery to non EU members.
Please Note:

  • The customer in non-EU countries is responsible for the import fees (duties and taxes) of the respective country incurred with the parcel delivery.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice. Instruments will be priced according to prices in effect at the time of production, not the time of ordering/admission to the waiting list.
  • The manufacturer does not assume any obligations that the buyer has concluded with third parties.
Pitch: Flutes and piccolos can be supplied with scales at the following pitches:a' = 440 Hz or 442 Hz or 444 Hz The pitch facilitates playing within a ± 2Hz range, according to personal playing style.Manufacture takes individual factors into consideration, e.g. whether the headjoint is played turned out or in, or high or low.

Customising: Within a year of purchase, the instrument supplied will upon request be customised to suit the individual's personal playing style.

Customised manufacture: Special requirements can be taken into consideration and customised models can be planned and manufactured. The prices for this depend on the work involved.

Information about ordering

1.Ordering/admission to the Waiting list: For to get put on the waiting list it is necessary to give the full contact address in writing through our order form. The order is not binding and a deposit is not necessary.

Waiting time/delivery time: The delivery time can vary seasonally over the year. The current delivery time you can ask us by sending your e-mail address (through our website / "Contact & Prices" ) or you call us.

2.Payment: After the waiting period/time payment in full is due 4 weeks before delivery. Until this time it is possible to cancel or change the order.
Payment option: by bank transfer.

3.Delivery – Despatch: The shipment of the instruments is done after payment within approx. 4 weeks with UPS as an insured parcel. The UPS Shipping and transport insurance costs must be payed by the customer. The current prices for shipping are between € 10 (Germany) and € 140 (Australia).To this amount is added the transport insurance costs. UPS calculates them with 0.5% (within Germany) and 1% (all other countries) of the value of the instrument.

Pick-up for non-EU customers / buy tax-free: First the customer pays the full purchase price including the 19% tax. When picking up the instrument, the customer receives a completed form from us. On the return journey at the external border of the European Union (airport), the instrument to be exported and the completed form must be presented at the customs office of exit. The customs office of exit confirms the export of the goods. When we receive this confirmed form from the customer, the 19% tax will be refunded by bank transfer. Website of the Customs Office

Right of withdrawal: There is a right to withdraw from the contract, without giving reasons.
For custom-made products, this right applies to the buyer only within 14 days after receipt of payment. The full refund of made payments is assured.
In exceptional circumstances, the manufacturer takes advantage of this right for himself.

Right of return Should the instrument not comply with the customer's wishes, it can be returned within thirty days of delivery against reimbursement of the purchase price, provided it is in the same condition as upon delivery. The right to return does not apply to customised instruments.

There is a three-year guarantee on:
  • Mechanism and its adjustment
  • Padding with "A. Braun" pads
The following applies to all wooden parts: Even an instrument made of the best, flawless wood which has been seasoned and prepared for years can develop cracks as a result of careless treatment. No guarantee is undertaken for damage thus arising. Therefore with all wooden parts one should be familiar with the best precautions, causes and means of avoiding such mishaps, and should take great care of the instrument.
If in spite of this a crack should appear during the first two years, as a gesture of goodwill the instrument will be repaired or - at the discretion of the manufacturer - the defective wooden part will be exchanged free of charge.

The right to a claim under guarantee cannot be asserted if the instrument has been repaired at a workshop not authorised for this purpose or by other persons, or if the instrument displays mechanical damage of any kind.

All costs for transport are not part of this guarantee.

Maintenance and repair service for Braun flutes and piccolos.

Price List
This work is only carried out by appointment. Final prices cannot be given until the instrument has been seen. The prices do not include tax (subject to tax depending on destination).
For EU member states Residents add 19% tax.

Net Price
Piccolo - Inspection: Annual cleaning, oiling and adjustment
Piccolo General overhaul:
Flute - Inspection: Annual cleaning, oiling and adjustment
Flute General overhaul:
The prices do not include shipping costs.
Shipping and insurance costs to and from the workshop are to be paid by the customer.
Forwarding takes place after receipt of payment (prepayment).

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